Changes, more changes…

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We have undergone another computer system change.  And that means I have spent umpteen hours glued to this silly thing over the past couple of weeks.  This change coincides with the Season switch from Spring to Summer, so the juggling has been really fun (yeah, right).  we have transitioned from the dairy processing and are no longer bottling milk, making yogurt, cheese etc. and are focusing on produce with the CSA subscription format.  This meant our data management needs changed significantly.  So we have changed (back) to the Farmigo system, which is designed for this type of organization.  I think we will all be happier with the new system.

Please note, the web address is the same, it is still .  The difference is where it takes you.  I am still working on getting some of the minor functions up and going, like the What’s in the CSA shares this week page (it is coming).

If you had a Spring CSA share, you were not automatically signed up for Summer, so I hope you added the Summer share if you wanted one.  You can still sign up, you just can’t get your first Summer delivery until next week because they have all gone out for this week.


Spring and Summer CSA Shares are Now Available

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barrel-of-garden-vegetablesIn spite of a few hiccups, sign-ups for this year’s Spring and Summer CSA shares is now underway.  To reserve your space, go to www.texasdailyharvest and create or update your account.  Prices are the same as last year. Instead of one long CSA, we have broken it into two 10 week seasons. 
I have been trying some new recipes that I will share here soon.  Stay tuned for Sourdough Whole Wheat Tortillas, Cashew Butter, and Tangy Sauteed Cabbage.
Here’s a little “CSA Spring produce preview” to get your mouth watering ~

Spring and Summer CSA Time is Almost Here


JustinWe are almost ready to take sign-ups for our Spring and Summer CSA’s.   I will let you know when you can sign up.  Since the type of produce varies so much from Spring to Summer, we have broken the time up into two seasons instead of one long one this year.  (We had planned on a Winter season, but the weather did NOT cooperate).  You can choose Spring, Summer, or both.  Use the link at the bottom of the page to see what you can expect from each season.

Right now, I am finalizing the Delivery Locations.  Below is a map of the ones I have so far.  If you would be interested in hosting a Delivery Location at your home, business, church or ?, please reply to this email.  Of, if you know a business that might be interested, please send me that information also.  We have a few businesses right now.  The Life House in Rockwall was the first.  They are a local coffee house that uses local, organic products.  Check them out if you are in the area, you will be in for a treat.  Local Yocal in McKinney is a farmer owned, full service butcher shop and local goods market.  The Life House and Local Yocal were both delivery locations last year and will continue this year.  We also have one new one, a marketing and printing firm in Irving, owned by one of our customers, that has offered to host a location.

If you have a group that would be interested (such as a church or mother’s group) I can set up a “private” group where only your members can join.  I can also do this for offices that want to offer this for their employees only.  You must have at least 5 members to qualify.

If you are willing to be a delivery location for other people to join, I will add your location to the map for others to choose.  You do NOT have to find members yourself Spinach(though you are encouraged to tell your friends and neighbors!)  For any given location, we must have at least 5 members before the deliveries begin in order for the group to receive deliveries.

If anyone signs up and chooses a group that does not make, and there is not another location that will work for them, they will be refunded their deposit.

At any Delivery Location where there are at least 10 members, the host will receive a free share.

On this map, the gray marker is a tentative location, the white ones are for sure.  We could really use some other locations, particularly from Coppell, over to Plano, down into Dallas, and up through Irving.  Anywhere there is a large “gap” actually.  If you have any questions about how hosting works, please reply to this email.  I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

We plan to do deliveries on Thursday and Friday, but do not know which stops will be on which day yet.

When products are delivered, they are packaged and labeled.  Hosts do not sort anything and they do not handle payments.  The whole process can be quite hands-off.

Delivery Locations


Want to see what is being planted in the garden this year?  Click Here!

Fall CSA


Fall 2012 Produce CSA

Texas Daily Harvest

We are preparing for the Fall CSA. To start with, here is what we intend to grow:




Brussels Sprouts



Swiss Chard

Leaf and Head Lettuce

Beets and Beet Greens




Sweet Potatoes


Mustard and Micro Greens

Bok Choy


Turnips and Rutabagas


Salad Peas

Winter Squash (Butternut, Acorn, Spaghetti, Buttercup, and Pie Pumpkin)

Items will vary throughout the season. Most of these crops will have multiple varieties offered varying in size, taste, and appearance. All of these crops are being planted now and will hopefully make it to harvest, but, as we know, sometimes nature has a different plan.

We hope to start mid-October, could be early or late October. We plan to do 10 weeks but, as always, that is dependent on the weather.

There will be a $25 non-refundable planting fee due on confirmation of membership. Plus we will require a deposit equal to two weeks’ shares, which will cover the last two weeks of the season. Large shares will be $34/week and Small shares will be $28/week.  Delivery will be weekly.

Before we begin the Fall season, we have found it necessary to overhaul the delivery system. We have found that private deliveries are just not feasible; the cost of delivery makes it unrealistic. Right now, we are leaning towards all shares being assigned to a delivery location. The first thing we need to do is find out where we have interest. I know many of you have emailed me to let me know you want to participate, but please fill out this form (link below) so I have all the information organized in one place.

Filling out my Questionnaire does not commit you, but it does reserve a share for you and allows your location to be taken into account when I set up delivery locations. Please click the link below to get started. (It won’t take long, promise.)

CSA Information Questionnaire

Thank you


Texas Daily Harvest


Snapshots Around the Garden


Bok Choy

Bok Choy



Rows, and rows

Rows, and rows



Squash starting to bloom

Squash starting to bloom





Cabbage - are those not beautiful colors?

Cabbage - are those not beautiful colors?




CSA Shares are Here!


We are delivering the first CSA shares this week!  You can look at the Recipe Ideas page on our site for some cooking ideas.


Week 1 Small CSA

ABOVE is a Small CSA with items circled for identification.

Red = Spinach

White = Onions

Blue = Radishes

Yellow = Leaf Lettuce (there is another kind of lettuce in the plastic bag, also)

Pink = Mixed Mustard Greens

Lime Green = Bok Choy


Week 1 Large Share

The large share, ABOVE, contains:

White = Onions

Blue = Head Lettuce

Pink = Radishes

Purple = Mixed Mustard Greens

Lime Green = Bok Choy

Red = Rainbow Chard

Yellow = Leaf Lettuce

Here is our own Justin, who grew, picked, and packaged the CSA shares:


Justin and an impressive Leaf Lettuce

And some more random photos of the produce.


Mixed Mustard Greens on the left, Rainbow Chard on the right




And everyone's favorite, Bok Choy

2012 Organic Produce CSA Shares Now Available!

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2012 Organic Produce CSAWe have opened the registration for our 2012 Organic Produce shares.  You can read all about it and sign up on our website.  To have your share delivered, you must also sign up for our Home Delivery if you are not already a member (separate sign -up on the website).

The main page of the website is

Or you can go straight to the CSA Page for more information.