We have undergone another computer system change.  And that means I have spent umpteen hours glued to this silly thing over the past couple of weeks.  This change coincides with the Season switch from Spring to Summer, so the juggling has been really fun (yeah, right).  we have transitioned from the dairy processing and are no longer bottling milk, making yogurt, cheese etc. and are focusing on produce with the CSA subscription format.  This meant our data management needs changed significantly.  So we have changed (back) to the Farmigo system, which is designed for this type of organization.  I think we will all be happier with the new system.

Please note, the web address is the same, it is still www.texasdailyharvest.com .  The difference is where it takes you.  I am still working on getting some of the minor functions up and going, like the What’s in the CSA shares this week page (it is coming).

If you had a Spring CSA share, you were not automatically signed up for Summer, so I hope you added the Summer share if you wanted one.  You can still sign up, you just can’t get your first Summer delivery until next week because they have all gone out for this week.