Whoa!  What a title.  That’s quite a mouthful, and the combined events will include MANY mouthfuls (of really good food, that is).  Anyone who appreciates real food needs to be there.  I have never had the opportunity to go until now, but from what I hear the food and the speakers at these events are incredible.

To make it even better, Texas Daily Harvest will be providing several products for the FTCLDF fundraiser meals, and possibly part of the WAPF conference meals.

When are these spectacular events?  November 11-13

Where are they happening?  Right here in Dallas!!  At the Sheraton Dallas.  It doesn’t get any closer than that.

Here is the link to the conference website: http://www.westonaprice.org/2011-conference/2011-conference

Here is the link to the FTCLDF Fundraiser going on in conjunction with the conference: http://www.ftcldf.org/2011-FundRAISER-Dallas.htm

This will be a great opportunity, everyone should look into going.  And guess who will be there?  Yours truly.  We are working on a barter to have a table in the marketplace to promote our products and our home delivery.  There will be lots of good stuff for sale and lots of things to learn about real food.  So come out and support real food, local food, and food freedom.