Oh my goodness.  It has been a very long 6 days.  That is how long I have been working, non-stop, on the new computer system.  It has been a rather frustrating, stressful time, but I do believe I am on the downhill side of things.  That’s me over there with the glassy stare one gets from sitting in front of a computer screen too long (waaay too long).

I hope everyone likes the new ordering functions.  The new store gives customers many more choices.  I know, no one really likes change.  But getting rid of PayPal as the only payment option is definitely a good thing.  I believe I got everyone a little too well-trained to look for those confirmation emails, though.  Now that we don’t have or need them, everyone seems a bit lost.  “What do you mean all I do is place my order?!?!”

I think I’ve had more questions about not getting that confirmation email, and not having a place to “check out” than anything else.  Now you just enter a credit card number one time and then shop.  The store never truly closes, you can always edit future deliveries.  There is still a deadline for each delivery day, we have to package things up some time.

I still have back-end issues to iron out.  It is almost midnight and I am just finishing up with paperwork for tomorrow’s delivery, the first one we are making out of the new system.  I have a phone call scheduled with the owner of the software company first thing in the morning, so hopefully tomorrow will go better than today.

If you haven’t looked at it yet, please log in and check out the new store.  It will allow you to set up recurring orders that you can change any time.  That way you can always know your basic order is placed, whether you remember to order or not.  This seems to be especially important when Monday is a holiday and everyone’s routine gets disrupted.

And, please, bear with me as we go through this transition.  I think we will all be happy with what we have when we get to the other side.

On a definitely happy note, we did get about an inch of rain night before last.  Definitely doesn’t fix the drought situation, but it sure was nice and it is a good start.