I do not even remember where the original recipe came from.  Somewhere in the internet, I am sure.  It is very rare that I follow a recipe exactly, quite often because of lack of advance planning.  Most things in our life end up being the wing-it variety.  We usually don’t know what our plans are until they’ve already happened.  Wait, I was talking about soup, wasn’t I?

Butternut Squash Soup with Sausage

Butternut Squash Soup.  It has become a favorite at our house.  The first time I made it, Kent was less than enthusiastic about soup for a meal.  It turned out to be one of his favorites, and he now lets me know when we have not had it in awhile.

One thing I remember about the original recipe is it called for nutmeg, and I don’t like nutmeg.  So I substitute ground cinnamon (because that is what I had).  Sometimes my substitutions work out, sometimes they don’t.  Eating my experiments is often quite an adventure at the very least.  Some of them are definitely inedible.  Not this soup, though.

I bake a butternut squash, sliced lengthwise and face down in a quarter inch of water, for 30-40 minutes until tender to a fork.  I’ve tried peeling them and boiling the chunks, but I like to keep the skin on my hands.  Peeling a butternut squash is a monumental task, I find baking them to be much easier.   Then I can just scoop out the cooked squash with a spoon.  I put it in the blender and puree it until smooth.

Soup bones cooking to make stock

Stock is jelly-like when cold (the good stuff is anyway).

Normally, I add an equal amount of home made chicken stock.  Tonight it was beef stock made from our soup bones.  I made beef stock for the first time yesterday.  For this soup, I think I prefer the chicken stock, but I will try other things with the beef stock.  I also got a large amount of tender meat out of the stock pot, which Sky has been eating.  There was enough for Kent and myself to have it for supper last night also, these are very meaty soup bones.

Browned Suasage

So, you have pureed squash and stock in the pot. This is when I sprinkle with ground cinnamon and add a bit of Redmond Real Salt and black pepper.  I heat over low heat to liquify the stock and simmer the two together to blend.  At the same time, I brown a package of sausage, usually venison sausage around here.  Whatever bulk sausage you like, our pork breakfast sausage would work great.  We just didn’t bring any of it home because we have so much venison in the freezer already.

I also sautee some onion in another skillet.  When the sausage and onions are done, add them to the pot.  Add water to get the consistency you like.  Simmer for a bit to let everything blend, then serve.

Sky Likes Butternut Squash Soup!

Tonight, we tried adding creme fraiche.  It gave a nice creamy taste and was pretty good.  We also added our cottage cheese.  This was hands down the favorite.  Kent, Sky and I ate about 3/4 of a 16oz. container of cottage cheese tonight.  In the soup, it got soft and then had a definite squeak when chewed.  If you don’t understand what squeak is, you’ll just have to try it.

This soup is a very flexible recipe.  I want to try it with sweet potato next time.  It stores well in the refrigerator, just reheat and add water as needed to get the texture you want.  We like it pretty thick , but you could thin it down to stretch it out.  It is quite filling (I am still stuffed as I write this at 11pm).