Fresh Chorizo Sausage

Fresh Chorizo in Eggs

As we try the new pork products, I am attempting to take pictures so you can see them.  I will try to post here to tell you how they cooked up, what we did with them, and what we think about them.  So far I have pictures of the sliced ham and the fresh chorizo sausage.  For one thing, the chorizo said links in the store, but I have changed that.  It is not in links, it is bulk sausage.  I browned a package, then put half of it in the refrigerator (and have been snacking on it).  To what was left in the pan, I added some fresh tomato, fresh onion, and scrambled eggs into the mix.  Then I grated mild colby cheese and melted it in just before serving.  Here’s what it looked like.It may not look like much, but it packed a lot of flavor.  I am not a wimp when it comes to hot stuff, and this chorizo got my attention.  It is not a mild sausage.  Be careful when looking at recipes, this is a fresh paprika chorizo.  Many recipes call for a smoked version.  This would have been nice with some refried beans and rice, maybe some nice homemade tortillas.  No, I don’t make homemade tortillas, but we do have a local Mexican restaurant where I can buy some good ones.

Sliced Ham

Sliced Ham, Smoked, Uncured

This is not your deli sliced ham.  These are some planks of ham, and they fry up very nicely in the cast iron skillet.  They are over half an inch thick.  Smoked but not cured.  No nitrates or nitrites added.  Yum, yum, yum.

Smoked Sausage Links

These are nice big links of sausage.  Smoked, uncured, with no added nitrates or nitrites.  You can feel comfortable serving these to your children.  We have cooked them a few times.  The first time I overcooked them (not an uncommon occurrence.)  The next time, I turned the heat down lower and covered the skillet.  That worked better.  Next time I want to try slicing them in half lengthwise and see how they cook that way.  Or I might slice them crosswise, they should cook really fast like that.  Here’s what they look like in the package.  I haven’t remembered to take any pictures cooking these.

Smoked Sausage Links