For comparison, this first picture is Sky with the piglet the day Petunia was born.   She was so tiny.  It is just amazing how quickly she is growing.   Of course, the rest of her littermates are growing much faster, but they are drinking mother’s milk free choice.  Petunia is getting goat’s milk several times a day, and the little stinker is still growing like a weed.  She has gotten to the point she will follow me around the yard, but does not appreciate being picked up.  Not that she ever really liked it, I guess she has just gotten big enough to object more effectively.  Here she is this morning 

Since we took her to Galveston with her, it of course was imperative that she go to the beach.  Here she is helping Sky pick up shells.

Ok, I’ll stop with the Petunia posts for now, especially since I have some pork posts to put up.  It just doesn’t seem right, somehow, to do both in one post, so there’ll be another one shortly.