Oh, that was just too easy.

Petunia in the Cat Crate

Yes, when you are feeding a critter every 2 hours, you pretty much take it everywhere you go.  And I picked Petunia up on a Friday, so Saturday morning, off we went to Coppell for the Farmers Market.  And so did she.  In the cat crate.

She was quite a hit at the market.  People thought we had a very strange puppy.

I Want More, More, More...

The kids (and quite a few of the adults) were fascinated and wanted to pet her.  Since she was so young, I was a little cautious with her.  I was afraid too much handling would be more than she could deal with.  She came through like a trouper, though.

Sky loves Petunia, when she was still living in the cat crate, we could not leave the house without the pig.  It was just not allowed.

Here are my two little piglets.

Sky Loves Petunia